Stormy's Spirit
Wade's Tee Dee
TD is a registered Paint, and is well-broke.
He is a great barrel horse and has also
been roped on.  Anyone can handle him,
and he has a very good mind and great
disposition.  He has lots of speed and cow
and is exceptionally easy to handle and is
no trouble to haul.  His new owners,
Priscilla and Rod Holcomb are so proud of
him, and he has a wonderful home in
Carthage, Texas
Dancer is eager and willing to do what you ask.    
He has a natural gait and an easy canter and is a
joy to ride.  His sire was our precious Stormy's
Dark Spirit that we lost to rabies, and his dam is
our sweet Ima Lil Lady Bug, and he is going to
Carthage, Texas with our daughter, Priscilla, for
the grandkids to ride.  He is the perfect grandkids'
horse and we're proud for them
Ima Spirit
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**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Priscilla and Rod
Holcomb of Carthage, Texas, who just
happen to be our daughter and son-in-law
April Fool's Gold Digger
Digger is a registered Racking
Horse, and he is positively one of
the most gorgeous horses we
own.  He was born April 6, 2005,
and his mama is April Fool's Little
Lady and his sire is Eb's Gold MF.  
He has a terrific disposition, loves
people and is a very classy horse.
He has a nice four beat gait and
will be about 15.2H when he is
grown.  He has been under saddle
approximately 120 days and is
doing great.  
Sunrise's X-Ray
Sunny is a double registered TWHBEA
and Racking Horse, and he  is truly one
of the greatest horses we have ever
owned.  He not only has perfect
confirmation, color like pure gold, and
a gorgeous head, but he is the
smoothest, best riding horse I've ever
been on. He is everyone's dream
horse. You can take him to the show,
ride him on the trail, or just spend time
with him, because he has a loving
gentle nature.
Stormy is a Half Walker registered as a Pinto,
and he has a very intelligent mind.  He is so
willing and ready to do whatever you show him.
We've ridden him over 8 months, and he is   
starting to gait very nicely.  He will stop on a
dime, and has the smoothest little short lope
I've ever seen.  Just like a rocking chair.  He is
truly a joy to ride
**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Bob Rankin of Edmond,
Generator's Midnight Romeo
Romeo has loads of style and class, and it's obvious in the show ring. He demands attention when he
comes in the ring, and has proven himself to be a real winner.  That's me on the left winning the Blue at the
Moonwalker Show in 2011.  Romeo has an awesome gait and is a real pleasure to ride.  At 15H he is the
perfect size horse.  He has an awesome canter, and it feels like you are floating. Not only is he good in the
ring, but he's a great pleasure and trail horse.  He has no spook about him, and you can ride him anywhere.
He has won  a place in our hearts like no other horse.
**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Michael Downey
of Cheney, Kansas.  Stormy went to a
wonderful home
**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Priscilla and Rod
Holcomb of Carthage, Texas, who just
happen to be our daughter and son-in-law
Masquerading's Encore
"Joker" as he is known around the barn is a registered TWHBEA born June 18, 2006. He
will mature at 15H, and he has an awesome temperament. He has a wonderful smooth
4-beat gait. You can see all the ribbons he won at his first show in Claremore, Oklahoma.
He is a very honest horse and holds his gait steady. He is a natural show horse and
demands attention in the ring. He has a very calm and cool nature when you ride him.
**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Patti Sayers on her
purchase of Joker. I know he will  have a
wonderful new home.
**** S O L D ****
Congratulations to Bill Joiner and his
daughter, Sarah, of Bridgeport, TX.  Sunny
will have a great new home
Tony Boy is a very striking
well-built Spotted Saddle
Horse born 3-18-10, and
he is growing into a
beautiful young man He is
the son of our mare Spirit
of Prontona. He is very
intelligent and has been
very easy to break, and he
is a dream to ride. On the
right you can see our
Emma loves him too.
PETE is a Standard
Bred and is our buggy
horse. He has a gentle
nature and is a great

RASCAL is a 2-year old
gaited mule, and he
has a personality all
his  own. He has the
run of the place. We
haven't started training
him  yet and plan to
wait until he turns 3.
Trey's Tony Boy