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Spirit of
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes is an all around well built
registered Pinto that always catches
horse lovers' attention. She has great
confirmation and a very gentle nature.
She has found a new home and two
precious little girls, Evy & Sophia, who
love her.  She will be a marvelous horse
for them. She is also a descendant of
Dawn Anita's original horse, Prontona.
Ima Little Ladybug
Lady Bug is a precious American
Walking Pony.  She is about 13 hands
tall, but she thinks she as big as any
horse. She is a sweet, loving mare, and
it is such fun to hitch her up to the
buggy, especially made by Jerry's Uncle
Sandy for us, and take a little ride.    
She is the mama to Ima Spirit Dancer,
listed on the "Gelding" Page.  Take a
look at him, he's a beauty, too!.
April Fool's
Little Lady
April is a drop dead gorgeous TWHBEA and
Racking Horse strawberry roan mare with the
sweetest disposition.  She's built almost like a
quarter horse, but she has a very  fast natural
gait. You can catch her anywhere in the
pasture. Her new baby, April Fool's Gold
Digger, a palomino horse colt, was born
4-6-05, and he is very majestic with an easy
natural gait, and he also comes up to you
anywhere in the pasture.
No Foolin'
"Sadie" is a beautiful unusual blue roan
TWHBEA mare.  She's stands almost 16
hands, and she is indeed a pleasure to
ride, and has a very fast natural gait.  You
feel like you're just gliding along.  Her new
baby, Blue Moon's Shadow, a white filly,
born 4-6-05,  is a real doll and already
loves people.  She was born with a very
smooth natural gait.
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**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Lynn Davenport
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Linda Siniard for
her purchase of April
****S O L D****
Congratulations to Jessica Thompson
for her purchase of Sadie.
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Beverly & Josh
Koch for takng Blue Eyes. Their
girls, Evy & Sophia fell in love with
her, and the feeling was mutual.
Miss Sun Princess
Princess is a very precious little lady.  She
was born in April, 2006, and she adores
people.  She has taken the best from her
sire, Sunrise's X-Ray, and her dam, Ima
Little Lady Bug.  She will definitely grow up
to be a beautiful Princess, and her new
owner, precious little  Nicole Koonce is a
sweet princess, also.
Shadow's very first nicker was directed to
Jerry as she was struggling to stand up
the day she was born on April 6, 2005.
Jerry fell in love with her on the spot. Her
sire is a Spotted Walking Horse named
Every Blue Moon and her dam is Gold
Rush's No Foolin' a TWHBEA.  She is 16H
and  looks great under saddle, and  she
has a smooth 4-beat natural head bobbing
gait.  She has an awesome "horseanality"  
and loves people. Jerry's taking a ride on
the left showing his knee surgery didn't
keep him down. That's  our daughter
Priscilla "Punkin"  on the right winning one
of 2 blue ribbons at the Nacadoches, TX
East Texas Classic Horse Show
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Lance and Kim
Smith of Lawton for their purchase
of Ladybug
Prontona is a  stunning Half Walker,
registered as a Pinto.  There is something
special about her stature and the way she
carries herself that makes you want to just
keep looking at her. She presented us with
a beautiful horse colt "Trey's Tony Boy" on
3-18-10, and he is absolutely gorgeous.
They both love people, and will stay on the
ranch, because they are descendants of
Dawn Anita's very first horse, Prontona,
that she owned when she was 6 years old.
Diamonds is a double registered
TWHBEA and Racking Horse, and has a
wonderful 4-beat gait.  With her flaxen
mane and tail and beautiful golden
sorrel color, she is a gorgeous horse.  
She also has a sweet, loving nature
and is a joy to ride.
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Nicole Koonce
on her purchase of Princess
Ivory certainly fits her name because
she is a delightful horse. She was born
July 1, 2002, and she is a registered
Spotted Saddle Horse. She is 15.2H,
and she has a very smooth racking
gait. She can travel down the road.  
She is the mother of Rascal,  a
gorgeous mule colt who is absolutely a
doll.  We've always wanted a mule, and
now we have Mr. Rascal.
Empress of Ebonys Prodigy
Delights Ebony & Ivory
"Prissy" is a TWHBEA, and
she  is one of the most
stunningly beautiful horses I
have ever seen. She was born
July 3, 2006, and she will
probably mature at 15H. She
carries herself magnificently.
She has a quarter horse build
with an Arabian head. She has
large intelligent eyes, and she
moves with ease and grace.  
Prissy has been ridden on trail
rides, in the show ring and
Dawn Anita rides her at home
just for fun. She's very willing
and tuned into commands.
Gold Rush's
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Beverly & Josh
Koch on their purchase of Ivory
**** S O L D  ****
Congratulations to Beverly Koch on
her purchase of Prissy. A match
made in Heaven.
**** S O L D  ****
Thanks Artie Tolleson of Ratliff City
for taking good care of Shadow.