Our grandsons, Garrett and Lucas, are galloping up the lane
on Ima Spirit Dancer and Little Miss Blue
Eyes with Mom and
MeMa bringing up the rear. Lucas and Garrett have both grown
so much, and t
hey outgrew Dancer and Blue Eyes. Both
Dancer and Blue Eyes have wonderful new homes. See above.
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The picture at the right was taken in 2006 when our daughter,
Punkin, and her two boys moved to Carthage, Texas. They have a
wonderful time riding their horses at their new home.  Garrett is
now claiming TeeDee and Rod has purchased a beautiful Arabian.
April Fool's Little Lady has definitely
found a happy home and her new
"soul" mate, Linda Siniard.  Aren't
they sweet together.  You can see
April is definitely in heaven with her
new owner.  Were so proud for both
of them.April gave birth to a
beautiful little palomino filly on
March 6, 2007, and mama and her
baby are doing great, and Linda is
so proud of the new little addition
and we are proud for you.
On the left is Gold Rush's
No Foolin's (Sadie's) new
owner, Jessica
Thompson, proudly
showing off one of the
ribbons she and Sadie
won at their very first
show together.  
Congratulations to both
of you.
Princess is certainly a happy little lady
with her new owner, Nicole Koonce.
Her mom, Becky and Nicole seem very
proud of her. I wonder if they own her,
or she owns them.  She demands
their attention, and they give it. Both
Princess and Nicole have grown up,
and as you can see on the left, Nicole
is now riding her, and says that
Princess is very smart and takes to
training very good, and they are very
proud of her, and the whole family
loves her. Way to go, Princess.
Stormy is absolutely awesome
pulling the beautiful new surrey
made especially for him by his
new owner, Michael Downey.  
Way to go!I understand Stormy
has already been in a big
parade in Lawrence, Kansas,
with over 100 teams, and the
crowd couldn't keep their eyes
off Stormy who was the hit of
the parade.
Sarah Joiner and Sunny certainly have joined
together.  She is a beautiful girl with a
beautiful horse.  We are so proud for both of
Sunny and Sarah look like they're made for one
another, and certainly are lookin' sharp in their new
riggin.  Congratulations Sarah, I can see you truly love
Looks like Bob Rankin is ready for an outing on
Digger. We are so proud that Digger has such a
wonderful new home.
Look at that big smile Vicki Rankin has.  I think
she's pretty happy up there on Digger.  An
awesome horse for an awesome gal.  
Here is Ivory on the left with her new owner,
Beverly Koch, in her beautiful new home.
Aren't they just a perfect match. They are
both gorgeous! Congratulations, Beverly,
we are so proud for you and Ivory, and we
know Ivory will have a wonderful home and
she will give you many many "happy rides".

Beverly and Ivory have bonded perfectly,
and the picture on the right shows how
much fun they have riding everyday. Beverly
tells me that she has been riding Ivory
bareback during the summer and that
everyone is amazed at how she can just
ride for hours, but of course, Ivory does
have such a wonderfully smooth gate.
Here is Ima Spirit Dancer on
the left in his new home at
the Windmill Ranch in Sayer,
Oklahoma,  with his new
owner, Cindy, who is one of
the owners of the ranch. She
absolutely adores him, and
we are so proud Dancer has
such a wonderful new home.
Joker is always ready to park
out if he thinks he might get a
treat. He's begging his new
owner, Patti Sayers, for a treat
now (or does Joker own her).
This is certainly a good looking
pair. I don't think Joker could
have found a better home, and
we are so happy for them both.
On the right is Sadie (now
known as "Satin"
because of her smooth,
silky ride) and her latest
owner, Colleen Keizer,
who purchased her from
Jessica. They showed at
the Oklahoma Jubillee
Charity Horse Show in
Kellyville  this year (2011)
and did a great job.
Congrats to both of you!
Sophia loves her new horse Little Miss Blue
Eyes, now known as "Blue," and Blue returns
that love. She loves it when Sophia pats her on
the nose and sings to her.
Empress of Ebonys Prodigy, the beautiful
black Tennessee Walking Horse, better
known as "Prissy" and Blue are getting
acquainted with their new pasture mates.
They have a lovely new home with Beverly
and Josh Koch. I'm sure they will spend
many happy years at their new home.